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Karo Co.,Ltd is a plastic injection moulding designing, manufacturing and injection company in China, With many years experience in the plastics industry we offer design and manufacture of any of your plastic component requirements. From concept design,material formulation to prototypes, small batch production to high volume mass markets,we have all the resources in-house.Karo is committed to providing quality products and supply the whole complete services you require.Striving to exceed the defined needs and expectations of our customers, through a continuous reduction in non-conforming products.
The material we specilize in:   The market we serve include:
● ABS: PP ● Medical Pharmaceutical
● Acrylic Acetal ● Equipment Automotive
● HDPE LDPE ● Electronic Computer
● PC PVC ● Construction Telecommunications
● PS Nylon ● Food Handling And Much More
● PU POM    
● TPR TPU    

There are hundreds of plastic injection materials available in the market,selecting the proper materials is very important for the complete production of plastic molding products.Our engineering team have experience and knowledge to analyze and evaluate the material characteristics like impact resistance,tensile strength,chemical resistance or ductility and costs of the materials required,recommending the proper materials according to your application needs and requirements,following materials are normally used for injection molding.
Material Abbreviation Features Applications
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS Strong,flexible,low mold shrinkage (tight tolerances),chemical resistance,electroplating capability,naturally opaque,   low/medium cost Automotive(consoles,panels, trim,vents),boxes,gauges, housings,inhalors,toys
Polypropylene PP  Lightweight,heat resistance,high chemical resistance,scratch resistance,natural waxy appearance, tough and stiff,low cost. Automotive (bumpers,covers, trim),bottles,caps,crates, handles,housings
Polycarbonate PC Very tough,temperature resistance,dimensional stability,transparent,high cost Automotive(panels,lenses, consoles),bottles,containers,housings,light covers,reflectors,safety helmets and shields
Polystyrene - High impact HIPS Impact strength,rigidity,toughness, dimensional stability,naturally translucent,low cost Electronic housings,food containers,toys
Polyvinyl Chloride - Plasticised PVC Tough,flexible,flame resistance,transparent or opaque,     low cost Electrical insulation,housewares,medical tubing,shoe soles,toys
Polyethylene - Low Density LDPE Lightweight,tough and flexible,  excellent chemical resistance,natural waxy appearance,low cost Kitchenware,housings,covers,and containers
Polyethylene - High Density HDPE ough and stiff,excellent chemical resistance,natural waxy appearance, low cost Chair seats,housings,covers,and containers
Acetal POM Strong,rigid,excellent fatigue resistance,excellent creep resistance,chemical resistance,  moisture resistance,naturally opaque white,low/medium cost Bearings,cams,gears,handles,plumbing,components,rollers,rotors,slide guides,valves
 Acrylic PMMA Rigid,brittle,scratch resistant,transparent,optical clarity,low/medium cost Display stands, knobs,lenses,light housings,panels,reflectors, signs,shelves,trays
Cellulose Acetate  CA Tough, transparent, high cost Handles,eyeglass frames
 Polyamide 6 (Nylon)  PA6 High strength,fatigue resistance,chemical resistance,low creep,low friction,almost opaque/white,medium/high cost Bearings,bushings,gears, rollers,wheels
 Polyamide 6/6 (Nylon)  PA6/6  High strength,fatigue resistance,chemical resistance,low creep,low friction,almost opaque/white,medium/high cost  Handles,levers,small housings,zip ties
 Polyamide 11+12 (Nylon)  PA11+12  High strength,fatigue resistance,chemical resistance,low creep,low friction,almost opaque to clear,very high cost  Air filters,eyeglass frames,safety masks
 Polyester - Thermoplastic PBT,PET  Rigid,heat resistance,chemical resistance,medium/high cost   Automotive (filters,handles, pumps), bearings,cams,electrical components (connectors,sensors),gears, housings,rollers,switches, valves
Polyether Sulphone  PES  Tough,very high chemical resistance,clear,very high cost  Valves
Polyetherimide  PEI  Heat resistance,flame resistance, transparent (amber color) Electrical components (connectors,boards,switches),covers,sheilds,surgical tools 
 Polyphenylene Oxide  PPO Tough,heat resistance,flame resistance,dimensional stability,low water absorption,electroplating capability,high cost Automotive (housings,panels),electrical components,housings,plumbing components
Polyphenylene Sulphide  PPS Very high strength,heat resistance,brown,very high cost Bearings,covers,fuel system components,guides, switches,and shields 
Polystyrene - General purpose  GPPS  Brittle,transparent,low cost  Cosmetics packaging,pens 
Polyvinyl Chloride - Rigid   UPVC Tough,flexible,flame resistance,transparent or opaque,      low cost Outdoor applications (drains,fittings,gutters)

 Styrene Acrylonitrile

 SAN  Stiff,brittle,chemical resistance,heat resistance, hydrolytically stable,transparent,low cost Housewares,knobs,syringes 

Thermoplastic Elastomer/Rubber

 TPE/TPR  Tough,flexible,high cost Bushings,electrical components,seals,washers 

Production Capability:
Our manufacturing capabilities consist of 12 injection molding machines ranging in size from 80 ton to 1600 ton,we produce plastic injection parts of all types,shapes and sizes to create custom parts, the products are from small internal comonents to large.Small order production are welcome.
Surface Finishes Capability

● Silk Screening 
● Electroplating 
● Painting
● Texture 

Quality Control Capability
From the drawing board to the shipping dock, quality assurance is our primary consideration.
Product precision and integrity are the hallmarks of every plastic parts we produce.

● Drawings Examine and confirmation
● Prototype confirmation
● Work out processing and production procedures
● Carry out necessary technical support
● Raw material inspection
● Semi-products inspection
● Finished product inspection 
● Package inspection 
● Inspection before shipping
● After-sales service and feedback
Karo’s experienced team of plastics professionals deliver responsive,solution oriented services.
Contact us for Mold Design, Plastic Injection Mold Tooling, Custom Injection Molding, Integrated Assembly and Packaging.