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Quality Control

At Karo,quality is everything,we have promoted the establishment and operation of high quality facilities and production processes to ensure on-time delivery and high quality of your molded parts from conception to completion.Our responsibilities of the QCS include:

.incoming raw materials check

.quality of the production processes

.finished goods quality control/approval


1.Incomming Raw Material Control

Managing the quality of incoming raw materials can greatly improve operational performance,manufacturing better quality goods.Our purchase deparment inspect each batch of raw material according to requirements of different products that usually includes,

.The raw material must be suitable to the product

.The raw material must be suitable to the process

.The raw material must meet customers'requirements

Inspection is normally combined with sampling and is the most important part of raw material inspection.


2.Production Processes Control

Karo controls the quality of the manufacturing process at each stage of the processing from very beginning till very end.We have built comprehensive quality and reliability assurance and control systems into our processes and services from mould design to production,and we perform continual measurement and testing during production to ensure a consistent level of quality and flexibility for our customers.

3.Finished Product Inspection and Testing

Finished product is necessary to cross check the previous operations.The problem is to decide the minimum level of inspection.

Final inspection for dimensions,appearance,assembly,function,package and other parameters are performed in the finished goods.

We will continue to refine our quality,expand our capabilities,increase our efficiency,and improve the superior level of customer service that we now provide to heighten the standard of excellence we have set in the industry.