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Karo Co., Ltd has been in the business of designing and manufacturing OEM molds and parts according to customer specifications since 1997.

Karo Services offered include Rapid Prototyping of preproduction parts, Part Design Assistance For Manufacturability, Tool Design and Building, Production Parts Manufacturing through plastic injection molding, zinc die casting, aluminum die castings, and CNC machining ,Secondary Operations and Plating, Coatings.

FAQS &Customers Care

At Karo,we like to take care of our customers for any questions,see our customers Care FAQ to find the answers to your questions about mould design,mould making and products manufacturing or contact us online at any time.


There are many kind of steel: for long runs production, a durable mold is required, the tool steel must be selected properly; for small volume production, steel selection can be as economic as possible as long as it meet the requirement of production demands.

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